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Get Your Treasure Evaluated

Unearth the mysteries of your collectibles and Antiques.

There is nothing better than finding the right home for the right price. Let our team of experts, at the Great Canadian Roadshow, get you energized and enticed! Study your history books, start searching your attics, and most importantly don’t forget to share your stories!

The Great Canadian Roadshow travels thousands of kilometers each year, scoring the country for unique treasures and collectibles. Check this page and your local listings for upcoming Great Canadian Roadshows in a city or town near you!

Great Canadian Roadshow Upcoming Events

The Great Canadian Roadshow comes to a town near you!

All Great Canadian Roadshow events are 100% Free to the Public. Call 1-800-746-0902 for our current location.

Here’s what you need to know:

There is no better feeling than finding the right home for your old collectibles for the right price.

Let our team of experts at the Great Canadian Roadshow get you energized and enticed with deep knowledge about the history and value of your gold, jewellery, old coins, etc.

We even have a gemologist on site to analyze your jewellery and diamonds that you’re looking to sell for cash.

Our experience over years, countries, and cultures helps us understand what buyers sellers, collectors, individuals, and other houses prefer. Our goal is to create and materialize as much intrinsic value for your item as possible. 

By organizing and marketing that ethos, we have found buyers pay significantly higher amounts for items compared to elsewhere.

Questions about this week’s Roadshow? Email info@greatcanadianroadshow.com

Top 10 Reasons to Come to the Show: