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Shopping, buying or probing through antiques can be an overwhelming process. Sorting through the ‘real deal’ from junk can be a great experience. But before you head out for that day long tour of garage sales, flea markets or antiquing, consider a dedicated team of professionals ready to work for you!

In July of 2010, Max Smirnov and a group of collectors took their passion for antiques and collectibles on the road, creating The Great Canadian Roadshow (GCR).

The Great Canadian Roadshow developed into a company that scours North American, European, and Asian cities seeking unique and authentic collectibles. From the remote mountainous retreats or colourful wooden fishing villages to the cosmopolitan buzz of the big cities, there is no city or town too isolated for this committed group. Each with their own flare, diversity, history and experiences; we’re excited to see it all.

The items scouted, found and bought by the Great Canadian Roadshow are more than old collectibles. Age, beauty, rarity, and emotional connection, make each item unique to sellers and buyers. Each item is unique unto itself. Over the years, the GCR have discovered objects that represent a previous era or time period in human society. It is a common practice for the team to uncover objects over 100 years old.

The Great Canadian Roadshow takes great pride in honouring craftsmanship, historical design while discovering antiques. Each treasure tells a tale fit for the history books. Within any given tale lies a story of humanity.

“We believe in humility – and take this angle of our business very seriously. I can recall several occasions where I’ve acted as nothing but a source of information. There is a certain joy we receive from helping someone decipher where grandma’s old coins came from. For us, that is just as fulfilling as writing a youngster a sizeable cheque for his grandfathers old pocket watches.” Zack Silverman, GCR